Gustav Gisseldahl

Gustav is the ex-banker turned digital media business developer, who is excited about how the transformation of media changes the rules for brands & consumers and makes way for entirely new business models. You could say he's pretty into black jeans and leather jackets.

Prior to Apprl, Gustav was a corporate advisor at Danske Bank in London, worked with sales and commercial collaborations at TV4 digital media and creative sales & business development at Fashion Networks.

Gustav’s background is a MSc in Business Administration degree from the International Business School in Jönköping and MBA courses in management & marketing from Hawaii Pacific University as well as Victoria University of Technology.

Martin Landén

Martin is the product-focused engineer & marketer with a passion for creating great user experiences through design, tech & innovation. He frequently browses Apprl for short black jackets & white designer sneakers.

Martin started up his first web consultancy at the age of 16 and has since then co-founded a social network in Dubai, headed up digital strategy at DDB Stockholm, won the Cyber Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions, was recently Head of Strategy & Planning of LBi Sweden and Innovation Director at Thinkable.

Martin holds parallell degrees in MSc Media Technology from the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology and a BBA from Stockholm University, wrote his master thesis at Stockholm School of Economics and has studied graphic design at Parson’s School of Design in New York.